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I have been with Brooke doing bootcamps almost a year. What a knowledgeable young woman. She makes bootcamp fun and different each time, is very encouraging and pushes you when she knows you need it. I highly recommend Brooke’s bootcamps and to stick with it to totally compliment what you already do. I have become way stronger and gained so much muscle with her guidance.

-Renee Goodwin Clarke



Brooke is such an amazing trainer AND person! She is SO passionate about her clients,

not just in the gym but overall well-being. So happy Vernon has a great trainer like her!

-Kaitlyn Poirier



Brooke is a very motivate trainer: recommend 100% if I can do can do it....

-Diana Grant

I love working with Brooke!! She is absolutely amazing, the boot camps are so motivating and they kick my butt every time! She is great with all fitness levels, highly recommend trying a boot camp!

-Maria Jeppesen

Brooke is amazing and truly cares about her clients. She is extremely helpful and willing to take the time to walk you through proper form. I can't say enough good things about her. I trust her whole heartedly and would recommend her in a second 💕

-Cassie Bosworth

this chica is one amazing support system! thank you for getting me back on track and starting to love the gym again bc this old school girl learnt some new school tricks! love you lady💚💪💪 heart of gold🐘🐘💚

-Monique Giroux

Brooke is amazing !! I love her boot camps in the park . She’s always so sweet an encouraging .. perfect switch up from my usual workout routines ! Can’t wait for this season of camps ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

-Tomi Steck

AWESOME! The programs/activities we did were challenging and fun. Brooke offers lots of options so there’s something for everyone.
Also, the night before the last session I hurt my tailbone and she was so great about helping me figure out modifications etc.
Highly recommend!!

-Melissa Lepage

Love Brooke’s boot camps in Lavington park - a great workout+being outside = 😍 definitely recommend 💕

-Lauren Barrie

Very helpful, Very supportive and Very inspiring.

-Brian Breit



I have continuously been using the tips Brooke has  taught me for my shoulder and its never felt stronger Im so happy!! Thank you and happy new years 

-Emma Massey


I worked with Brooke 2ish years ago... She is a kind, beautiful individual. She has

amazing passion for what she does, always gives it her all. She is an extremely hard

worker.I know with her drive that she has for herself to be amazing and to be the best

version of her self, that she can help do that for other people to.. if you want an amazing

support system and someone with compassion to have your back through your journey...

Call this wonderful woman and book your appointment to meet with her.. I promise she

won't disappoint..

-Caitlyn McKenny


Brooke is the best motivator out there! She makes great personal workouts to help

accomplish your specific goal. Love working with her.

-Donna Schuelle


10/10. Words can not describe the service that was provided. By far the most

knowledgeable trainer I have met. Her personality is amazing and her workouts are even


-Nick Lutsenko



My better half and I were a bit dubious when we learned that our newly hired trainer was

only 20 years old. This concern was quickly extinguished as Brooke took charge and

designed challenging and interesting sessions for us 3 times a week. She is also

alarmingly positive and has a genuine talent putting her clients at ease while they grunt,

strain, sweat and fume away. Without hesitation we would recommend working with

Brooke for anyone from their youth to grumpy retirees like us.

-Leriza Getuiza


I've been working with Brooke now for about 2 months. I'm not the easiest of clients

because of some health limitations (osteoarthritis in my hip and other related problems)

but Brooke has shown that she can manage hard cases like mine, and do it with incredible

professionalism and an eye to the 'big picture'. We train together twice a week and her

workouts are so much fun. She commits the time before we meet to put together a variety

of exercises that work what I can do and slowly help develop around the areas that need

the most work. As a long time coach and mentor to many other athletes and coaches in my own sport, I

am excited to work with Brooke each week, and excited to see her grow into an

absolutely excellent trainer. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for

fantastic workouts from someone who truly cares about what she does. I am so much

looking forward to my next year with Brooke and to getting to where I want to go. Like

you say all the time, Brooke ... we got this!

-Robin Bristow

This is Brooke's passion to help others achieve their goals and to be able to help them see

their potential. Health and fitness are in everyone's reach if you let her help. She truly

loves what she does! We are so proud of her!

-Nadine Laraway-Toop

Brooke not only taught me the excersises that I needed to improve my climbing, she

taught me how to execute them! Very impressed by her knowledge and passion towards

physical fitness, that is why I am proud to recommend her to anyone looking to achieve

their fitness goals

-Cale Bouchard


Brooke's bootcamp is great, each time you go it's a bit different which keeps it

interesting. I love having a set day, time and place to go work out. Way better motivation

that way. Rain or shine she'll always be out there helping you, making sure your doing

each exercise right and cheering you along, always smiling! She's easy to talk to or

confront if you need something modified or changed, and makes it fun with music and

different circuits each time you go. You never know what each bootcamp day will bring

you, it's exciting!

-Sadie Nuyens

Great way to get back into working out. Brooke makes it affordable and convenient to

attend her bootcamps with many time options during the week. She's super friendly,

helpful and motivating during her bootcamps. The workouts are challenging and have a

great variety to keep you on track throughout, definitely sore after each camp but so

worth it. Great job girl, can't wait to see what next bootcamp workout will be!

-Jalayne Jones

Well... Cant say my legs loved it, but they tell me its a good workout. Good start for me,

getting active again, and I know Brooke will help me progress with more challenges as I

am ready. And she does it all with a smile. Thanks Brooke!

-Heather Evans

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