Hi Team! Meet Brooke & Renee your Tenacity Health and Fitness Bootcamp instructors! Brooke & Renee share a passion for health and fitness and helping others in their own personal health and fitness goals! They have a lot of fun teaching, growing, learning and of course, doing burpees ;)! 


Below is a little bit about Brooke & Renee. Team Tenacity looks forward to getting to know you!

 Hi Team! My name is Brooke Toop, I am the owner of Tenacity Health and Fitness. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, International Youth Fitness Specialist and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, specializing in plant-based nutrition. I grew up with a love for hockey that grew into a love for running, weight lifting and bootcamps! I love teaching, training, seeing people crush their goals, gain confidence, meet new people and of course...have a good time! If you are looking for a supportive, motivating, safe, and tenacious group of people to workout with… you are in the right place and we can't wait to help you reach your goals!

Thank you for checking us out!

Tenacity is so lucky to have Renee as an instructor, motivator, friend, and inspiration. Tenacity would not be the same without Renee. We are excited for you to have the opportunity to train with Renee! 


Hi Team! My name is Renee!  A bit about me. I am a teacher, I also teach spin and recently joined the Tenacity team and I am a Tenacity Health and Fitness bootcamp instructor. My fitness journey started 7 years ago, I love being strong and working hard. I am so lucky to team up with Brooke as I feel a lot of our philosophy on fitness aligns. I can’t wait to lead and push you into maintaining a healthy, happy and positive journey!!” - Renee Clarke

Thank you for checking us out we look forward to connecting with you.

-Brooke & Renee

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