Join Tenacity Health and Fitness on a 6 week challenge. This challenge is for anyone and everyone who is looking to improve their overall health & honestly we can always improve our health! This 6 week challenge will be a great way for you to set realistic goals and crush them with the support of your Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist Brooke Toop!

You can participate in this challenge even if you do not live in Vernon, Send us a message for more details if that is something you would like to do. This challenge can be done in your home or at a gym. In this challenge our goal is to help you develop life long habits supporting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition. By participating in regular exercise and eating healthy whole foods you are essentially making yourself into a machine! Our health is so important, without your health what do you have? This challenge will run for 6 weeks and below is everything that will be included! At the end the person with the biggest transformation will win the Tenacity Health and Fitness prize pack.. which is a surprise. Are you ready to take control of your health?



Whats included: 

3 strength workouts to follow for 6 week created for in-home or in the gym with weekly progressions if needed.
Core/Cardio workout created for in-home or in the gym.
Full holistic nutritional assessment
Tenacity’s kickstarter program
Custom plant based meal plan
Weekly recipes
Dietary recommendations
Supplement recommendations
Lifestyle recommendations
Weekly measurements including measuring muscle quality and fat percentage.
Breakdown of your muscle strengths and weaknesses.  
Personal custom advice specific to you and your body.

Before and after pictures 


Starting Date: November 4th 
End Date:
December 16th

Still have questions? reach out to us! 

tenacityhealthandfitness@gmail.com or contact us by clickling the link below



Payment options 
(please note tax is included in the price)


Email transfer payment to: tenacityhealthandfitness@gmail.com 

Cash: Must be paid in full by November 2nd
Paypal and or credit card: Continue on the website


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